Chapter Development Details

 SAAS requires a partnership between the young ladies and school administrators who can commit to support the academic and personal development of African American females.  This will be imperative to the success of the chapter at your school. 

1.  Contact a SAAS National representative to explore the opportunity of starting a chapter at your institution.  The start-up process will commence upon contractual agreement between SAAS National and the institution.

2.  It is recommended that a core leadership team be appointed by institutional representatives to facilitate the start-up process of the chapter.  The leadership team should consist of 5-10 African American and/or Latina females.  Additionally, at least 1 faculty or staff advisor who is committed to maintaining supervision of the established chapter. 

3.  Complete SAAS National chapter registration packet (received from SAAS National office).

4.  Chapter start-up and membership fees:  The total start-up cost is $3000 plus travel expenses.  This covers the training and materials, the first year membership of $1000, access to program development resources, participation in a SAAS Advisors network and access to additional reduced SAAS consultations.  High school chapter annual membership fees are $500 and start-up costs are reduced to $1000 for a total start-up cost of $1500.

5.  Arrange first SAAS National campus visit meeting with key institution administrators, supporters, advisors of the chapter. 

6.  Arrange subsequent SAAS National visit that will help officially launch the SAAS Chapter at your institution/school – this meeting would include potential participants as well as your campus community.

Benefits of having a SAAS Chapter:·   The most powerful benefit of having a SAAS Chapter being linked in to a network of sisters from across the nation who have the same desire to excel academically, better themselves, learn more about being an African American woman, and serve their community.·  Access to a library of resources that will help your chapter design effective retention and success programs for African American female students.·  Connection to a network of AA female leaders, researchers, presenters and support persons.·  Discounted registration for future SAAS regional and national conferences.